Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Can we please have a moment of silence for all those women looking for the perfect pretty bra in their actual size that won't break their bank? Thank you. I am in fact one of those poor buggers and can never find my size in high street stores and quite frankly I am fed up with spending around £40 on a bra that will scratch my sides and poke me in the boob as the wire comes out.

So you can only imagine how excited I was when I received an email from UK Lingerie asking to try some of their products. Of course, I had to go for a full set because why the heck not?! I picked a gorgeous balconette bra, knickers and suspender belt. I have a hate-love relationship with balconette bras. They look amazing on, but the majority of the time they dig into my sides or squish my boobs, or even separate them making me look like I'm not wearing anything!

You can buy the set here:
Bra           Knickers        Suspenders

Even though the bra does not have super thick padding, it does provide really good support and natural lift to the breasts. The matching knickers are very comfy and come slightly high waisted which I find very flattering on my figure. I usually wear lacy underwear as I find it most comfortable, but this style of pants is actually so comfy and looks amazing on - I will happily order 10 more pairs of the same style! Now, the suspender belt is beautiful and looks great on, it cinches the waist really nicely but doesn't make it hard for me to breathe which is the most important thing. I don't wear it very often unless I'm wearing a see-through shirt as it looks really lovely 'secretly on show'.

I would highly recommend looking into some sets on UK Lingerie as they have a great variety of brands and cater for many sizes starting from 30A up to 48J so there's something for everyone. The set that I have is the Pour Moi? set and it reminds me a lot of the Agent Provocateur lingerie but at a much better price, of course.

Do you also find it difficult to find your bra size in high street stores?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Who can exist a great offer on some pretty underwear? Not me! On my recent visit to Birmingham (Clothes Show Live) I had to pop into Boux Avenue did I not? Especially when I saw the offer '3 for £12' in the window!! I sprinted faster than Usain Bolt into the shop and started picking out some pretty thongs.

I love lacy underwear, it makes me feel so powerful as a woman and instantly improves my mood. I chose these colours as I thought they're best for Winter time (Yes, I choose colours according to seasons ha ha silly me..). I love the feel of the material, it's super silky and smooth bearing in mind it is made out of lace and stretchy material.

I usually go for a size 10 and have also done this with these pairs, but I thought they looked slightly bigger than they should have been - maybe they are true to size and I'm suddenly a size 8?! A girl can wish...

I feel like they come up way too big for the size, so I would suggest to go one size down at least because of the stretchy material - you don't want your bits jiggling about if you know what I mean.

I received amazing customer service by a lovely student who chatted with me for a while and complimented me on my makeup! - how nice is that?! She actually thought I was a makeup artist! Surely compliments don't get better that this?!

I also managed to see one of the loveliest people again - Abby whom I've worked with before! She's an absolute star and I love her to bits!

I was offered a VIP membership card which is only making me want to go all the way back to Bham just to buy some lingerie and receive points 🙄🙄 is that cheeky to say?? Oh well, I don't care! The knickers are lovely!!!

I really hope they will open a Boux Avenue store in Nottingham soon - I am getting so itchy just thinking about the pretty lace and mesh patterns!!!

What do you think about Boux Avenue? Have you tried any of their lingerie or PJ's?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Notice how I've said "LOTD" instead of "OODT"? Well, the "L" stands for Lingerie - because why wouldn't we want to shout out the most beautiful pieces we've come across?
This gorgeous lingerie set was bought from H&M in the sale, and I think I only paid £10 for it! It is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the lace detail on the back, it makes me feel super sexy when I wear it and that's what we should all feel like when wearing pretty underwear! 

I know that comfort is a big thing for most (including me) but you can honestly buy pretty bras and knickers that are just as comfortable as the 'old granny pants'.

I would definitely pair this set with a sheer baggy jumper/sweater and leggings during the day, and just wear it as it is or with a baggy shirt in the evening for the ultimate comfort! - can't go wrong having a cup of hot chocolate and read a good book either! I'm currently reading The Hobbit, as I've been meaning to for a while now as well as being a huge fan of Bilbo Baggins! I also love candles, especially during this season as I feel like it's socially acceptable to light them every day/night and wear cute fluffy or frilly socks all the time! My go-to Autumn fragrance has to be Alien by Thierry Mugler, I'm so sad that I'm running out of it now :(

This post is in collaboration with Adore Me (you can find my previous post with them here). Adore Me is an online shop that sells the most gorgeous lingerie, including pyjamas and they've been shooting a really exciting commercial for their new launch of sportswear which is due to come out this October! Oooh how exciting!  - you can check their Insta account for more info!

What makes you feel sexy during Autumn time? How would you pair up this gorgeous lingerie set? What's your 'perfect night in'? 

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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