Wednesday 4 March 2015

Review || Pet Shop Bowl

Hello my lovelies!
How many of you has got a pet that they love to bits and would do anything to make them happy? Because my doggy is the best dog ever and I love her lots! She's a 3 year old German Shepard who's full of energy and loves to eat good food. Her name is Bella and she recently received a very generous parcel from
As you can see, she was more than just eager to open up the goodies we received in the parcel. She was given a massive packet of dog biscuits, three portions of wet food and some dentastix for large breeds.
Can I please try some Maya, pleeeaaase?!
She was born to pose for pictures, what a cute little pumpkin.
She started drooling when she smelt the biscuits once I've opened the packet. She's such a good dog that I had to give her a treat as soon as the parcel arrived.

We received dog treat biscuits by Ovalis, Dentastix, lamb with rice and two portions of Turkey with rice. All of these products are full of protein and nutrients vital for your dogs' health. also provide many more products suitable for all types of pets.

*This post contains gifted items by I am very grateful and delighted to have collaborated with this company and highly recommend it to all my pet loving readers.

Have you shopped at PetShopBowl before? If so then what products have you tried? If you have any questions about the products I received for my doggy then do not hesitate to write them down in comments below!
Lots of love,
Maya xo
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