Tuesday 7 October 2014

Eye Make-up of the Day EMOTD

Hey there lovelies!
In today's post I'm going to show you a fee pics of my eye make-up from the other day. I was inspired by MUA's make-up artist and because I do not own the make-up items that she's used, I had to improvise with what I already have.
I used Era by MAC as an all over base. Then i drew the shadow outline with a navy eye liner from L A Colours, and filled it in with Steamy by MAC and blended it with Deep Truth also by MAC. I used my 194se blending brush by MAC and a cheap blending brush for all of the shadows and the eye liner. I also used 368 Tempo by Dior which is actually my sister's eye shadow and I used it for the inner corners of my eyes.
I used Natural Collection's liquid eye liner to define my lash line, and the Scandaleyes mascara in black to define my lashes. I also applied false eye lashes by Eylure To make my eyes pop out even more. 
From top - Deep Truth and Steamy by MAC.
Eyelure eye lashes and the blending brushes that I've used to create this look.
Tempo by Dior.
And here is the finished look. Sorry the quality of the pictures is really bad, I've taken them on my phone baring in mind it makes my skin look worse than it actually is haha!
Lots of love,
Maya xo 

Monday 31 March 2014

Review || Rimmel 60 Seconds nail varnish in 410 I Lilac You

Hi guys!
Today I'm going to review Rimmel's 60 seconds nail varnish in I Lilac You. I bought this nail polish today and wanted to use it as soon as I got home! I'm really obsessed with pastel colours at the moment, and needed a lilac nail varnish to add to my collection! I don't think I've tried any of Rimmel's 60 seconds nail polishes so thought, why not try this one out!

The packaging: It's a pretty basic and rounded glass bottle of 8ml. It has a Union Jack sticker on the handle. It is quite small and handy, unlike some large bottles, and it holds a lot of product.
The application: It is very easy to apply as the brush is quite thick and stiff. You need about two coats of the product to have perfect coverage around the nail, so not only it's easy to apply but you save a lot of product by not layering the nail like a cake. Because the nail varnish is one of the 60 seconds edition, it dries really quick. I was actually shocked by how fast my nails have dried!
Overall opinion: I really like this nail polish, and will definitely buy other colours from the 60 seconds range. I don't think there is much else to say about this product other than every girl has to own one, because it's great quality for the value!!
Lots of love,

Wednesday 13 November 2013

What's in my make-up bag

Today I wanted to show you guys what make up I use on a daily basis. My make up bag is very tiny but oh so heavy! I don't wear much make up every day, however I do like a bit of heavy eye make up from time to time! ;) I feel like a better person when my lips look good as they are rather large and the scar on my top lip bugs me so I try to wear lipstick or lipgloss as often as I can!

The Primer: I use Benefit's the POREfessional. I bought it, because I got told by a few people that it's really good and I was desperate to try it out, especially as I needed a new primer! I bought the large 44ml primer as it's better value for money, and I have been very pleased with this product since day 1. The texture of it is very velvety and it makes my skin very smooth. It reduced the appearance of my pores and fine lines. IT also makes my make-up stay on for longer. I am very pleased with this product and it is very important for me to use it every day before applying my foundation, because it gives me the soft and air brushed look.

The Foundation: This foundation might be the best one I have every bought. It gives full coverage without the caked up look. It's soft in touch and thick in texture. It feels very light when I wear it, and I don't have to keep on re-applying it for ages, until about 6-7 hours after the first application. I bought Maxfactor's lasting performance in the shade ivory. I highly recommend this foundation for anyone who has acne or suffers from redness, as the coverage is very good and there are many shades to choose from, which make life easier for pale girls like me!

The Concealer: I use Rimmel's hide the blemish concealer to hide the dark circles under my eyes from staying up too late! It's a good concealer and has very good coverage, however I don't like the texture of it as it's really thick and matte, and makes my skin look dry.

The Powder: This pressed powder was the first MUA item I have ever purchased. I have no words. It's is beyond amazing. Incredible value for your money, fantastic bargain for £1.00. It gives good coverage and a natural matte finish. I chose shade 1 which is the lightest shade, but I was originally looking for a translucent shade, but they only do a limited amount of shades.

The BB Cream: Personally I think that Garnier do the best BB creams, however the shades are very limited. I chose the lightest shade and it is still too dark for me to wear without a tan. Therefore, I only use it to add some shadow to my face during contouring. It's good to wear in the Summer, but it's definitely a no-no from me to wear in Winter with my complexions.

The Bronzer: I discovered Bourjois Delice de Poudre bronzing powder through my mother as she bought one of them a while back. What drew me to it the most was the amazing scent, as it smells of chocolate! IKR CHOCOLATE. I mainly use this bronzer for contouring my face as it's a matte shade with a tiny amount of shimmer added to it. It's very pigmented and the smell of it transfers onto my face during application which makes me even happier, just because it smells like the best thin in the world.

The Blush: I use Bourjois scented blush, because I absolutely love the smell of it. I chose the shade 95 Rose de Jaspe as I am rather pale and this shade is bright pink, but not too dark so I don't look like a Barbie doll when I apply it. This blush comes with a little brush and a compact mirror, which makes it even better! This blush is easy to apply and doesn't come off easily as it is very pigmented.

The Mascara: I bought this mascara when it first came out as I've seen it being advertised on TV and around town. I got it on offer with gel eye-liner so I was very pleased with that bargain. I really like 17's beauty products and have purchased many before, but I have never bought any of their mascaras for some reason. So trying this one was a little challenge for me, as I usually stick to Maybelline mascaras. Anyway, the packaging of this mascara is so cute and chic, I love it. It's simple but glamorous. The coverage of the mascara on the eyelash is very good. I chose the extreme black shade and am very pleased with the results as my eyelashes are naturally very fair (almost white). However, I do like to have big eye lashes and because they're already long and thick, this mascara makes them look very natural and I guess that is a good thing, but I do like to put many layers of it on and it just doesn't work.

The Eyebrow Pencil: I have been using Rimmel's professional eyebrow pencil for about 4 years now, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I use the hazel shade because my hair colour is very light and it would look weird if I had thick black eyebrows and white hair haha. It's easy to apply as the pencil lead is very soft and pigmented so you don't have to go over your eyebrows multiple times to get your desired look. This eyebrow pencil also comes with a brush, which is better value for money as you don't have to buy an extra brush to put those caterpillars in place!

The Eye-liner: MAC make up usually has very good products, however I must say that I am quite disappointed this their liquid eye-liner. It smudges and doesn't last too long so I keep having to re-apply it every few hours to get the wow effect. Overall, it is a good product, but it's definitely not worth the amount of money you have to pay to get this, as it's not long lasting and rubs off very easily.

The Lipstick: I adore MAC lipsticks. The shades are gorgeous and the texture of the lipstick make me want to keep on re-applying it because of how soft it feels on my lips. I don't really like the scent of it as it. smells like acrylic paint haha. I currently use the shade Brave, which is a nude colour and makes my lips look plump. The texture is satin and it gives a matte effect with a bit of gloss. I really like this lipstick and use it nearly every day as the neutral colour goes with all sorts of eye make up that I wear.

I hope you enjoyed this post! :)
I will try and post more often ASAP.
Maya xox
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