Saturday, 9 December 2017


I recently had my very first facial and back massage done properly and I couldn't stress enough about how amazing it made me feel not only on the outside but on the inside too. I've been feeling very stressed out the past few weeks hence my lack of absence on social media and this blog (I do apologise to those who actually take their time to read my posts).
Because I work in the beauty industry, I had the opportunity to book myself for a facial and massage with Decléor for free which was amazing. At first, I was taken into the beauty room and asked to fill out a form which had a variety of skin problems/allergies etc. to fill out, so I circled my main concerns as prone to breakouts, acne scarring, redness, and oiliness. After I had filled out this form, I was asked to strip down to my knickers and cover myself in a towel and lay on my front. The masseuse then used oils to massage my back and put pressure onto my knots to get them out. You can only imagine how relaxed I had felt at this point, I do wear heels a lot so my back hurts quite a bit, but the way she relieved the pressure in my back has really helped.

Moving onto the facial, I don't exactly know what she did but I know it felt amazing during and after! I really loved the mousse cleanser and the phytopeel exfoliating peel which made my skin feel amazing. She also used this clay face mask on me which I really liked and ended up buying as she advised me to wear it overnight to have very fresh and soft skin in the morning. Overall, this was a fantastic experience and I cannot wait to book in for another treatment soon! I think one a month is vital for good skin health, and it's very affordable as you get your money back in products. I know for a fact that I'll be buying a full-size mousse cleanser and the exfoliating peel next.

Have you tried any Decléor products? Would you treat a loved one to a facial treatment?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Wednesday, 17 May 2017


As someone who has medium sized pores and wears a lot of makeup, it is hard to keep up with skincare regime that won't clog up my pores and won't remove the good oils from my skin.
I recently came across these Beauty Formulas Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips after watching my friend Rebekah's video (you can check her channel out here - she mentions the tea tree ones). She said they're very good at taking out all the nasty makeup residue and oils from the skin so I obviously had to go and buy some.
The good news are that these are only £3.95 for 6 strips which should last you 6 weeks if you use one weekly. I would advise doing these only when you feel like you need an extra cleanse as they are quite strong and do get rid of all the oils and clogged pores. I also have to advice against using this too often, like a few times a week, as it does get rid of the good oils from your face as well as the bad.

I was going to insert a picture of the results after doing one of these but I don't think you would want to see my nasty makeup residue from my pores haha - correct me if I'm wrong though?!

Make sure you follow all the instructions as these are a bit tricky to apply. First, you have to wet your face completely, well, the nose area anyway. Once you've done this step, peel off the strip from the plastic and apply it to the desired area. I've previously put one on my nose and chin so whatever works for you! You can also cut the strips in different shapes to use on other areas such as the forehead.

After waiting until the strip dries completely, slowly peel it off from side to side (if that makes sense?). You should now be able to see the strip pulling out all the nasties from your skin - it's so satisfying! Once you've peeled the strip off, wash your face with warm water and continue with your skincare as normal.

Overall, I think these are fantastic for the price, they're very affordable and do a great job. I would recommend these to all boys and girls who struggle with oily skin as this works wonders! Even Kieran uses them and he's the kind of lad who only uses moisturiser when he feels like it, haha!

Have you tried these before? Would you recommend any nose pore strips?

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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