Valentines Day

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Who can exist a great offer on some pretty underwear? Not me! On my recent visit to Birmingham (Clothes Show Live) I had to pop into Boux Avenue did I not? Especially when I saw the offer '3 for £12' in the window!! I sprinted faster than Usain Bolt into the shop and started picking out some pretty thongs.

I love lacy underwear, it makes me feel so powerful as a woman and instantly improves my mood. I chose these colours as I thought they're best for Winter time (Yes, I choose colours according to seasons ha ha silly me..). I love the feel of the material, it's super silky and smooth bearing in mind it is made out of lace and stretchy material.

I usually go for a size 10 and have also done this with these pairs, but I thought they looked slightly bigger than they should have been - maybe they are true to size and I'm suddenly a size 8?! A girl can wish...

I feel like they come up way too big for the size, so I would suggest to go one size down at least because of the stretchy material - you don't want your bits jiggling about if you know what I mean.

I received amazing customer service by a lovely student who chatted with me for a while and complimented me on my makeup! - how nice is that?! She actually thought I was a makeup artist! Surely compliments don't get better that this?!

I also managed to see one of the loveliest people again - Abby whom I've worked with before! She's an absolute star and I love her to bits!

I was offered a VIP membership card which is only making me want to go all the way back to Bham just to buy some lingerie and receive points 🙄🙄 is that cheeky to say?? Oh well, I don't care! The knickers are lovely!!!

I really hope they will open a Boux Avenue store in Nottingham soon - I am getting so itchy just thinking about the pretty lace and mesh patterns!!!

What do you think about Boux Avenue? Have you tried any of their lingerie or PJ's?

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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