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Monday 22 February 2016

Review || Vidal Sassoon Illuminating Restore/Clean Hair Products


As you guys read here about my recent trip to Vidal Sassoon for a haircut, I will finally share with you my honest opinion of the experience and their products! (Not that any of my opinions are biased, but I was really shocked with how these products worked).

Here you can see the round bottle which is the shampoo and the one next to it is a deep treatment 
conditioner - I didn't buy the normal conditioner as I thought I would benefit from this one more. 

Very pleasant as it smells fresh and isn't irritating to the nose and scalp. I must say that it doesn't smell as good as I thought I would - I expected it to be more fruity or just sweeter in general just to make m hair smell amazing after it's been washed, however it makes it smell like clean bedsheets, which is not a bad scent whatsoever but it is not up to my standards, especially for the price.

Glides on very smoothly, feels almost like unset jelly. It feels like you need a lot of product in order to lather it into your hair which obviously isn't good at all. The shampoo feels like a coat of conditioner rather than leaving my hair feel clean, and the treatment doesn't nourish my hair that well.

Overall, I must say I am really disappointed with those products especially as the shampoo was around £18 and the treatment £24 each. I really expected it to do wonders to my hair as my stylist as Vidal Sassoon suggested. But then again, I was happy with the way my hair turned out for a day, and it's safe to say that I will never spend so much money on unreliable hair products or £80 for a haircut!! Total waste of money if you ask me.

Have you tried any of Vidal Sassoon's products? What were your opinions?

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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