Wednesday 26 February 2014

March Wishlist

Hello everyone :)
In today's post I'm going to share with you a few items which are on my wishlist any why I really want to get them.
1) I really need a new purse as I broke the zip on my Louis Vuitton one, but then again I have had it for a while. At the moment I have a small brown purse from Primark and it is very cute and really good quality for the price. But I really want a new, big purse to go with my mew handbag. This white purse is from Burberry and is soooo glamorous but also soooo expensive :( I think I would have to save up for 3 months to get it!! It's very spacious, it has 4 separators for coins, notes, receipts and cards. Sounds perfect to me!
2) This Burberry scarf is gorgeous. It comes in different shades and patterns but this camel shade is my favourite and would match my Burberry bag. I have been looking around for a new scarf as well, as I'm pretty bored of my teal and gold one now.
3) My mum text me last night telling me to check out an online clothing store called 'sheinside'. I have immediately registered and added a few things to my shopping basket, including this cute bunny fashion t-shirt. It just describes me well. The well-dressed bunnies are so cute. I love bunnies. SEE!! This t-shirt is SO me! I need it in my life.
4) This Fiorelli bag is so pretty! It's from the SS 2014 collection, and it's a must have this season! I love pink as well. Pink is the way forward. I'm considering buying this bag as a treat to myself after my exams are over for all the hard work I have been doing :)
Lots of love,


  1. Hello Maya :* First great blog template :-) I like it very much <3 <3 <3
    Second I love the Fiorelli bag, I have to buy myself new one, and the 8th of March when we celebrate the day of all woman's will be the right day to squeeze my husband pocket ohhohoh :-)

  2. Wow, this purse is sooo pretty. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa


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