Friday, 21 February 2014

Toiletries Update

Hey guys!
I recently went toiletry shopping because I was lacking hair care products! Obviously being me, I didn't just buy hair care products but also all the items I think I would need.

I was after a leave in hair conditioner which would leave my hair feeling soft and reduce the roughness of my split ends. I decided to get the Argan Oil leave in hair treatment in spray. I also got the Argan Oil hair mask for a weekly use to leave my hair looking more healthy. Then I saw the Argan Oil night serum for tired and dry skin so I thought that I might as well buy that to complete the set (I already have the hair oil), and also my skin needs some TLC at night as I don't feel like my moisturiser stays on the whole night. On the shelf above the Argan Oil products they had dry shampoos. I can't live without a good old bottle of Batiste! I was going to choose Batiste Tropical, but Treseme has caught my eye because it's in a form of foam?! I was shocked that they would make a foam dry shampoo as it would just make my hair wet? So I bought it!
Of course, every girl also needs some facial prpducts like face masks. I usually have some laying around my room but I couldn't find any last time I wanted to use it so I decided to buy a few more just in case I feel like exfoliating my face. Those face masks are some of my favourites as they come in two packs for under £1 each!
Ony way to the till I saw a few more products which caught my attention. I got the white nail tips from Nailene as I love having a French Manicure and I usually do it by myself. It saves money on acrylics! The last thing that I chose was Nair's facial hair roll-on wax. It's pink... Pink wax... haha my obsession has no end!!
Anyway, that's it for today :) Hope you're all doing okay!
Lots of love,
Maya xo

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