Monday 15 June 2020


*This post contains gifted items.

I remember receiving this parcel out of the blue. There was no note and no warning that I was going to be receiving a wide range of POP Beauty's Permanent Pout Lipsticks. The excitement came rushing over when I realised that this brand is owned by Pixi Beauty who I work with regularly on a gifted basis and that they wanted to work with me on their new brand.

The Formula:

I'm no stranger to liquid lipsticks and have tried many formulas to know what's good and what isn't. These apply really nicely, they feel very smooth and velvety and look great on the lips. However, the product dries really quickly and crumbles off after an hour or so. I had to reapply the product quite a lot throughout the day but not on top of the already worn layer, instead, I had to take it off completely and apply again. As the formula is quite drying, I do find it transfer-proof which is great if you're going out for food or/and drinks. With the lipsticks, I also received two plastic tumblers to test the transferability of the product and I was happily surprised by not seeing smears of lipsticks on the cups!

The Shades & Swatches:
The shade range is great as there are 15 different colours - I was sent the 3 best-selling shades and 6 new ones that have only just come out. I am a massive fan of all lipstick shades and never say no to trying something different, for goodness sake I wore a flipping bright turquoise lipstick to uni before! The swatches came out great, you can see that the lipsticks are very pigmented and don't need many layers for the colour to show through. I did find that the shade 'Berry Boost' took a few more swatches to show up as dark, but if you prefer a lighter berry shade then apply less product. 

The Packaging:
The lipsticks are very light and come in a cute silver packaging. You can see the colour of each shade through the packaging as there are transparent details on each tube. The applicator is thin with round edges which makes it easy to apply, it's very similar to the NYX Lip Lingerie applicator
Although the packaging is very cute and lightweight, I do think it is a little bit chunky and could have been a little bit micro bag friendly as most people like to have a small bag on them.

Overall Verdict:
Overall, I think that these lipsticks are lovely and come in really nice shades but the formula isn't the best. As they are drying I would highly recommend to wear a decent lip balm underneath and often reapply the product for a flawless finish. Although they are kiss-proof and refrain from transferring onto the cups I received, but for £8 they're good however I won't say they're the best I've tried.

*This post contains gifted items. All opinions are my own.

Lots of love,
Maya xo

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