Friday 12 June 2020


When we first entered the UK Lockdown I was very worried about my daily routine. My anxiety can get quite bad unless I have a strict routine to follow. 

After dinner, I like to sit down and watch some TV or YouTube. Once I feel like my dinner has gone down a bit I would usually tidy up the kitchen and make sure all the doors and windows are shut and locked. Once I'm satisfied with the way my kitchen looks I will go upstairs to my office/beauty room and take my makeup off (if I'm wearing any). As soon as I've got my makeup off, I will hop in the shower. I like to shower in the evenings as I find it relaxing before going to bed. I tend to scrub and moisturise after my evening showers rather than in the mornings.

Now that I'm feeling super fresh and relaxed, I like to put on either baggy pyjamas or loungewear set so my moisturiser can dry properly. My skincare routine is quite excessive but one thing I learned over the years about my skin is that it needs A LOT of TLC.

I have dehydrated combination skin so it takes me a while to apply all my products and wait a few minutes in between application, to ensure they all dry properly. Now that my skin is glowing and I'm so ready to catch some z's I will make a hot chocolate or a cup of tea (decaf). As soon as I climb into my bed I like to read for around 30 minutes before putting a film on. I have recently started to get into reading again.

Like I said earlier, if I didn't have a routine in my life then my anxiety would be all over the place. This means that sometimes I will rewatch the same film for a few nights in a row to go to sleep to - this is usually either Harry Potter or The Hobbit. If you have any film recommendations then please drop them down below as I'm in need of some easy to watch bedtime movies!

*This post contains gifted items. I would recommend to size up in the Femme Luxe Loungewear.

Lots of love,
Maya xo


  1. My husband and I really love rewatching HP and the hobbit

    1. These are honestly my favourite movies of all time 💗


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