Thursday 21 January 2021


Some of you may already know that I have joined Beth's Book Club at some point in 2020 when I needed to have some sense of community. Thanks to the beautiful pictures that often get re-shared on the Instagram page for the book club, I have come across the most gorgeous collector's editions of classic books that include some of my favourite titles.

I couldn't help myself but add all of the titles from the Woodsworth Editions onto my wishlist to then give to my partner for any special occasions, and to my delight, he surprised me with a few of the books for Christmas!

The books I have received as presents are: Anne of Green Gables, Treasure Island, Wuthering Heights, and Great Expectations. Since taking these pictures I have also received Alice in Wonderland as a birthday gift from my partner. 

Anne of Green Gables is my favourite childhood book of all time. I remember falling in love with Anne as soon as she was introduced and my connection to her character has been like no other ever since. A red-haired girl (like myself as a child) who was wise beyond her years (I’m not gonna blow my own trumpet with this one haha), who has a heart of gold. If you’ve never read this book or are wanting to gift it to someone you know, then definitely opt for this gorgeous limited edition cover

Treasure Island is a book that’s been on my TBR list for a while, so why not add it to my beautiful collection when it’s available in such a lovely cover? I think that this is going to be a very fun and adventurous book to read to my children in the (distant) future, sorry dad.

Another limited edition book I received was the classic that is Wuthering Heights. I feel like everyone has read this book but me? Even my little brother read this in his spare time and he’s only 12! I can’t be the only one that’s not read this book yet, so it’s one that’s made my TBR list in 2021 and I cannot wait to try not to bend the spine too much 😂

Last but not least, is the Dickes' Great Expectations which I’ve heard of before but have no idea what it’s about. I probably sound really ignorant saying this, but I am super excited to read this book because I know nothing about it. 

As I previously mentioned, I was also gifted Alice in Wonderland for my birthday which is the most beautiful and fun cover of them all (in my opinion, but mostly because it is a lovely pink colour). I have read Alice in Wonderland a few times as a child because it was one of my mum's favourite books, making it that extra bit special to me. 

Do you have any collectables on your bookshelves? What is your favourite book of all time?

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Lots of love,
Maya xo

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