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Nottingham, UK
Where to go on a date in Nottingham.
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Those living in Nottingham might not appreciate it for the multi-cultural city that it really is, with so many different types of people visiting/moving over here every year. Having lived in Nottinghamshire for over 13 years I can say that sometimes I forget about the lovely places there actually are to visit, especially the ones that are free where you can meet all kinds of lovely people. I've met some of the best people that I know will be in my life forever, especially during my time at university and working in the beauty industry. I can also proudly say that my friendship group is very diverse and that we all bring something culturally unique to the group (food being the most important thing of course 😂).

Now, let's talk about dating. It's hard to find new people that have similar views as you, especially if you're looking for someone that you haven't met before (I couldn't imagine anything worse than getting set up on a blind date with someone I went to school with). But there are also so many other things to consider such as age, interests, religions, etc. So after taking these factors into consideration, you should feel more comfortable about Nottinghamshire dating, knowing that there are so many sites that have been specifically designed to suit people with different preferences and interests.

Ways to meet new people

I've heard so many funny stories from my friends about the ways they've met new people. My favourite story was about one of my best friends meeting her long-time partner at a park! I mean, that's literally saving you so much money and you can meet like-minded people (maybe even a pet owner?!) that love a little bit of the outdoors! Local dating might feel quite daunting at times as you might feel like you already know everyone or have met people 'worth meeting', but honestly you just have to open yourself up to new opportunities. 

Another fun way of meeting singles is through online dating websites and apps. One of the great ways to meet new people in your area is through this Nottinghamshire dating site - super simple to use and effective! Please note that this site is aimed at heterosexual persons. You might have already tried out apps that have either attracted the wrong type of person or just haven't worked for you in general so I'd definitely recommend trying out online sites too.

If you're feeling a little bit unsure about online dating, then you should write a list of pros and cons about your feelings towards dating sites. What is actually putting you off? If you don't have a social media presence then this is probably the best way to meet someone new, as I find that people who use dating sites instead of apps are more likely to have fewer social media accounts (so this might be something that you're looking for too).

Showcase Cinema De Lux

Although I'm quite partial to visiting Cineworld more often, I do prefer going to Showcase. I bloody love a Tango Ice Blast, I think that's what I look forward to the most when going to the cinema haha. My partner and I went on our first date to the cinema, which you might think will not be the best way to get to know each other but it's honestly the best place for an introvert! We met up at least 30 minutes before the movie started so was able to have a little chat and get to know each other a bit better in person (we were chatting online for a few weeks prior to meeting up in person). Then you can enjoy a movie together and have something to talk about after, so for me, this is a win-win situation, especially if you're an introvert and find it hard to think of something to talk about with someone new.

Alternatively, you can set up a cute little picnic in your back garden and set up a laptop in the shade to watch a movie. I think that this is a brilliant idea, especially if you have a spacious garden. Sadly, I can't really do that in my own garden as it is too small :( But I will definitely have a mini BBQ and picnics this summer with my partner! There are lots of things that you can do as a mini "holiday" in the UK.

The Alchemist Nottingham - best place for drinks in nottingham.

The Alchemist

Have you been to the Alchemist yet? I've only been once and I absolutely loved it! I think it's such a fun way of trying out new drinks, especially when you get to mix them yourself and create little potions - this is perfect for any Harry Potter fans that want some local magic.

Are you unsure what to wear for a date or want to improve your confidence in time for your hot date? Then check out my post all about the different ways of looking and feeling your best this summertime. I talk about all the different approaches I take to make myself feeling better - starting off with drinking plenty of water!

The Lost City Adventure Golf

I absolutely love playing mini-golf! I've only been a couple of times and had so much fun that I'm already planning my next trip when we're allowed out again. This is a really fun activity to do in a group setting, so if you're being set up by one of your friends maybe consider going on a double date to ease the tension and to get to know each other better without any awkwardness - you can always go on a second date just the two of you 😃
If you do end up venturing off to play some mini-golf at Lost City, then I would recommend going for the bigger pack of 36 holes = means you get to have more time to get to know each other's competitive sides, haha.

Virtual Dates

Obviously, the current circumstances have made it quite hard to go out on a date (the current new restrictions are making it a bit easier now though!) so why not opt for a cool virtual date? Myself and my partner actually got to know each other a lot over Skype before meeting in person. So if you wanted to find out what your potential love interest is like without committing to meeting up in person (this could be due to lots of reasons like social anxiety, having children, or just feeling more comfortable in a home setting) then why not have a little virtual date? You could do something really fun like cook the same dinner and see who made it look nicer? Or even do a wine tasting session over zoom! I think that this sounds like such a good idea that I might even try it out with my partner (whom I live with) but just from different rooms 😂

If you're happy with taking things slowly and getting to know each other online then you should take a look at the different fun things to do during the lockdown. My personal favourite has to be learning new recipes together, or playing games! This is also a great thing to do for couples that live together and are finding it hard to try new things at home to ✨spice✨things up a bit.

What is your favourite place to go on a date? Have you been to the places that I've mentioned?

*This post is sponsored. 

Lots of love,
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