Sunday 25 April 2021


Nottingham, UK
Where to go on a date in Nottingham.
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Those living in Nottingham might not appreciate it for the multi-cultural city that it really is, with so many different types of people visiting/moving over here every year. Having lived in Nottinghamshire for over 13 years I can say that sometimes I forget about the lovely places there actually are to visit, especially the ones that are free where you can meet all kinds of lovely people. I've met some of the best people that I know will be in my life forever, especially during my time at university and working in the beauty industry. I can also proudly say that my friendship group is very diverse and that we all bring something culturally unique to the group (food being the most important thing of course 😂).

Wednesday 14 June 2017


When May decided to bring the most gorgeous week to England, I knew I had to get out the house and away from revision, so I decided to go to my local park in Wollaton. I believe it was around 28 degrees Celsius which is amazing for England! Shame the weather isn't keeping up with us now...

~Dress, Shoes & Bag are from Primark. Sunglasses are Oscar De La Renta.

Do excuse my bad roots - I'm in desperate need of a haircut & touch up but I find it very hard to trust hairdressers in my area as I'm never fully satisfied! :(

Kieran went all out taking pictures of me haha, I do love the fact that he takes my passion for blogging seriously and encourages me to work harder! This man is honestly amazing.

I feel like this outfit is so easily wearable! I remember when I bought this dress when it first came out and then my sister bought it as soon as she saw me wear it which not only is a huge compliment but it also means that it's suitable for all people, no matter what age or size. The mules are very comfy and I wear them literally alllll the time! And for the bag - do I need to say much? I mean, micro bags are very in right now (click here to see what's fashionable in SS17), plus the marble pattern is just music to my ears, or should I say heaven to my eyes??

What have you been up to during the lovely weather we had recently?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Thursday 26 May 2016

Review || Turtle Bay Carribean Restaurant

Morning, Lovelies!

I love food. It is my passion. Good food is something that I cannot resist and after hearing so many positive comments about Turtle Bay in Nottingham, I just had to finally pay them a visit!

I have previously been to Turtle Bay, but only for drinks rather than food on a number of occasions. Their cocktails are to DIE for! Kieran and I were lucky enough to make it just on time for Happy Hour which meant that we got our drinks 2 for 1.

We shared our started as neither of us can ever finish a starter to ourselves with a main! We went for the vegetable stuffed rotis which were delicious. They were quite spicy, but that's what made them so incredible and yummy!

For the main, I chose the seafood curry as I wanted something light. It was nice, however the massive prawn creeped me out a bit and slightly put me off my meal.

Kieran went for the chicken (surprise, surprise). He really enjoyed it, however he did complain about the size of the meal as it was rather small and he had asked for fries but received sweet potato fries which he doesn't usually like, but actually scoffed them in under 5 minutes! I tried one and I really liked them so I don't blame him at all!

Overall, the food was good but not amazing. But what can you expect for the price? It was quite cheap. The service on the other hand was great. The waiter kept coming back to our table asking if there was anything else we needed and if the food was alright. So, thank you Turtle Bay Nottingham for providing us with lovely service!

Have you been to Turtle Bay? What did you think of their food and service?

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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