Wednesday 19 May 2021


April favourites in 2021. Includes a silicone scalp massager, nail polishes and iridescent blushers.

In April my favourite thing was the weather :)  the end. Jokes aside, I must say that Spring is in full bloom this year and I cannot wait for hotter days to come our way soon! After last year's first lockdown it will be very difficult to beat the weather but please let the sunshine continue throughout the rest of SS21!! 

April 2021 has been a month of trying out lots of new products - some I've loved and others maybe not so much. Either way, I will be focusing on the items that I really enjoyed using throughout the month. Let's get into it!

One of my new favourite gadgets, which's actually a new addition to my haircare routine, is a silicone scalp massager. I've been seeing so many people rave about scalp massaging on TikTok that I thought I needed to give it a go as I suffer from a very dry and (at times) sore scalp. I've always had sensitive skin so I've been using gentle hair products from Aveda for years now, but I needed something else to help relieve my scalp from any itchiness and product build-up. So far, I have noticed that my scalp does not feel as itchy anymore which was getting a little bit out of control at times to the point where I would make myself bleed from excessive scratching. I tend to use this product on hair wash days after massaging hair-growth oil into my scalp or when I need an extra thorough cleanse with the Aveda Scalp Cleaner

SS21 nail fashion - designs and colours for spring.

Another item that I don't think I have ever mentioned in a monthly favourites is nail polish! I've really been enjoying using the Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine polishes recently (mostly due to trying out different styles for a Tribe post). I have the shades 'Chin Up Buttercup' and 'Lovey Dovey' which are perfect for SS21 and really compliment each other when put together. I've been wearing the purple shade more often as I really love the undertone of it, and it goes really well with a lot of my SS21 outfits - especially all my purple clothes! I love to mix and match different shades of the same colour.
The other nail product that I've been using for a while and enjoying is the Barry M Gelly Plumpy Top Coat - this is a bloody brilliant product! It takes a while to dry but it is so worth it as the shine you get from this product is salon-quality. For only £2.99 it should be a staple in everybody's nail care!

Orange blushers for Springtime.

Is anyone else obsessed with blusher at the moment? I feel like I've always loved a bit of blush - my love for it started with the Natural Collection Peach Melba blusher. Having such a fair complexion, it is difficult to find the right shade of blusher to suit my skin tone without looking too flushed and 'sunburnt', although I know that a lot of people aim for this type of look...

My current favourite blushers are Nars' Orgasm, and KIKO Metal Fusion Blush in Tangerine (I think - it doesn't say the shade on the compact) but sadly this blusher was limited edition so you can no longer buy it. I can't find a similar metallic-orange shade, however, the L'Oreal Life's a Peach blusher is a close match. If you're looking for another product to add some natural-looking glow to your skin then you should check out these second-skin highlighters.

If you are a fan of cream products then keep an eye out for my future posts as I have some new Pixi blushers to review (gifted), and I wanted to re-test some cult favourite beauty items such as Benefit's High Beam and Nars' Orgasm Liquid Illuminator!

What were your favourites this month? Have you used anything that I've mentioned in this post?

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Lots of love,
Maya xo

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  1. I didn't try any of these products but shades on nails polish are very beautiful.


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