Wednesday 19 May 2021


April favourites in 2021. Includes a silicone scalp massager, nail polishes and iridescent blushers.

In April my favourite thing was the weather :)  the end. Jokes aside, I must say that Spring is in full bloom this year and I cannot wait for hotter days to come our way soon! After last year's first lockdown it will be very difficult to beat the weather but please let the sunshine continue throughout the rest of SS21!! 

April 2021 has been a month of trying out lots of new products - some I've loved and others maybe not so much. Either way, I will be focusing on the items that I really enjoyed using throughout the month. Let's get into it!

Monday 12 April 2021


United Kingdom

March was a bit different for me than the past few months as the weather began to change into warmer days meaning that I've been going on more walks and trying to keep myself busy. Whereas the past few months seemed so dreary and not very enjoyable due to the cold!  

In all honesty, I have been using the same products that I usually do in my skincare and makeup routine as I'm not in a position where I can spend a lot of money to try new things. However, I will try and change it up a little bit each month so I have something new to talk about! I do have a massive collection of beauty items that I have never opened so this might actually be a good excuse to start opening up some bottles!

Monday 15 March 2021


England, UK
*This post contains affiliate links and my own product (Luna Lava Store).

My routine hasn't changed much since January, I have maybe switched a couple of skincare and makeup items so it was hard to pick the top products I've loved during this month. After careful consideration and narrowing it down to just 3 items, I have decided which products to feature in this blog post.

Tuesday 9 February 2021


My usual plans for the *day of love* are either having a takeaway and watching a new movie or going to the cinema and out for a nice lunch or dinner (ah, those were the days). 
This year won't be much different as we're not big celebrators of this holiday, but I still like to make some effort. 

Tuesday 2 February 2021


The notebook in this picture is from a few years ago (it's from Paperchase).

We are approaching the most romantic time of the year soon, where we like to gift our loved ones with meaningful items. I for one, like to either make something myself or treat others with something small but useful (there's no need to spend loads of money) and I'm here to help you find the perfect gift for your loved one.
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