Monday 4 December 2017


1) Love Actually:
This is probably one of my all-time favourite movies ever made, not just for Christmas! It's very heartwarming and a great film for the whole family to watch together.

2) Elf:
Well, what can I say?! This is the number 1 family movie. It is funny, it is sweet, it is suitable for kids from a young age... Elf is many people's favourite movie and an obvious choice for this list.

3) The Holiday:
This is the perfect movie if you fancy something light-hearted and need to restore your faith in love (or humanity in some cases). This movie always makes me appreciate older people and their past, as well as driving me to do more good deeds.

4) Home Alone:
Duh! I don't think there's much I can say about this film other than that it is something I grew up watching every year on Christmas Eve before bed. It has a lot of sentimental meaning to my family and I'm sure I'll be watching it in 20 days!

5) The Nightmare Before Christmas:
Some people will find this film scary and others will argue that it's a Halloween movie, but to me, it will always be a Christmas film I enjoyed watching when I was little.

6) A Christmas Carol:
Yet again, this film can be a little scary for little ones because of the ghosts in Scrooge's life, but it is a classic and a must-watch every Christmas for me.

7) The Polar Express:
I have a very fond memory of this movie as it was the very first time I watched a 3D film at the cinema. I loved the storyline and the characters in this film, and it will bring Christmas spirit to all the Scrooges out there!

8) Arthur Christmas:
I have only watched this movie for the first time a year ago, but I have seen it around 5 times since because of how good it is! I love how happy and excited James McAvoy sounds as Arthur, and it just melts my heart!

9) The Santa Clause:
I can imagine my dad really enjoying this film, I'm not sure if he's already seen it but it's his type of humour! It'll definitely make its way on my movie playlist this season.

10) Fred Claus:
Last but not least, a Christmas comedy that's worth watching! I absolutely adore Vince Vaughn, I think he's a fantastic actor and any film with him is great but this one is definitely one of the best!

What do you like to watch during the festive season? Can you recommend any more movies for me to watch?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Wednesday 15 November 2017


Can we please have a moment of silence for all those women looking for the perfect pretty bra in their actual size that won't break their bank? Thank you. I am in fact one of those poor buggers and can never find my size in high street stores and quite frankly I am fed up with spending around £40 on a bra that will scratch my sides and poke me in the boob as the wire comes out.

So you can only imagine how excited I was when I received an email from UK Lingerie asking to try some of their products. Of course, I had to go for a full set because why the heck not?! I picked a gorgeous balconette bra, knickers and suspender belt. I have a hate-love relationship with balconette bras. They look amazing on, but the majority of the time they dig into my sides or squish my boobs, or even separate them making me look like I'm not wearing anything!

You can buy the set here:
Bra           Knickers        Suspenders

Even though the bra does not have super thick padding, it does provide really good support and natural lift to the breasts. The matching knickers are very comfy and come slightly high waisted which I find very flattering on my figure. I usually wear lacy underwear as I find it most comfortable, but this style of pants is actually so comfy and looks amazing on - I will happily order 10 more pairs of the same style! Now, the suspender belt is beautiful and looks great on, it cinches the waist really nicely but doesn't make it hard for me to breathe which is the most important thing. I don't wear it very often unless I'm wearing a see-through shirt as it looks really lovely 'secretly on show'.

I would highly recommend looking into some sets on UK Lingerie as they have a great variety of brands and cater for many sizes starting from 30A up to 48J so there's something for everyone. The set that I have is the Pour Moi? set and it reminds me a lot of the Agent Provocateur lingerie but at a much better price, of course.

Do you also find it difficult to find your bra size in high street stores?

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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