Saturday 31 October 2020

2020 || The Hallotober Tag - Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween my scary witches and warlocks!

I was tagged in this little Halloween Q&A by the lovely Kay from The Craft Room and Beyond to finish off this year's scary festivities!

Sunday 18 October 2020


If like me, you are a huge fan of watching family favourite movies during the spooky season then you have most definitely come to the right place! I am absolutely obsessed with Halloween and often find myself watching all of my festive favourites at random times throughout the year instead of saving them for the actual day. So, I thought that the best thing to do is to write up a post including my favourite movies to watch for myself to look back on, as well as for you to enjoy if you're stuck for ideas. 

Sunday 3 November 2013

Winter Wishlist

I'm finally back at college yay! I was looking forward to seeing everyone again, but the worst news is that I have an end of unit controlled assessment for psychology boohoo :(
Winter is finally arriving :D I love all the seasonal decorations in shops, and have put some up in my house already! We can't forget about Halloween though and the spookiness last Thursday brought ;)
My Winter Wishlist only includes clothes and accessories from Topshop, as the items are quite pricey.
Those items will definitely take place on my letter to Santa!!
All of these items are just so beautiful. I would say my favourite item is the pink boyfriend coat. Look ho gorgeous it is!!
As everyone knows that I have a little brother and sister, I had to take them out Trick or Treating. I decided I was going to dress up so I don't feel left out haha. My sister was a zombie, and my brother was a skeleton, so I thought 'I'm going to be a sugar skull!'. I felt like a little kid again, doing my makeup took me about 20 minutes so it wasn't that bad for my first try! The second time I did my make up was when I was going to an Ice Skating Halloween foam party, (which unfortunately I couldn't go to any more due to a really bad cold) turned out better than my first attempt (yay). Here's a picture of me and my siblings before leaving the house to go Trick or Treating:
To achieve this look I have used face paints, and found a picture on Google Images of a sugar skull. My sister has also used some of my face paints to create the 'hungry zombie' look, and my brother is wearing a mask as he always rubs his face!
And here's a picture my make up the day after Halloween:
I have changed things up a bit and didn't use any face paints. For my eyes I used black gel eye liner, and gold glitter eye shadow. The flowers and stitches on my face are drawn with a black pencil liner. My nose is also drawn with gel eye liner, and my lips are contoured and filled in with red lipstick.
 I don't like the feeling of face paints on my face as they feel very heavy and oily, which is a big no-no for me. it's always good to experiment with different materials.

Hope you had an eventful Halloween this year!

Maya xo
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