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Sunday 17 November 2013

Dr. Hobbs Severely Damaged Thin Hair Medicine Review

Hey guys!
As you all already know, my hair is very thin and fragile due to being over-dyed and bleached. I have recently become a big fan of Dr. Hobbs' hair treatment products and you can read one of my other reviews of their products here.
This time I have picked up a hair mask which I can use in the shower and don't have to keep it on for long.

The packaging: The packaging is very plain and simple. The tub is plastic and holds a lot of the product inside it. The instructions on the packaging are very clear and give an outlook of what your hair is going to gain. The ingredients are carefully described in case someone was allergic to one of them. The packaging isn't very attractive, however it has this vintage look to it which I really approve of!

The application: The application of the product was very easy as the texture of the mask is very silky and watery. It's very easy to apply, especially on wet hair. I do have to use a fair amount of the product every time I use it, so it's not long lasting and will probably have to buy a tub every month if I decide to carry on with the treatment (which I definitely will). 

The results: It made my hair a little bit dry but it looked a lot thicker with more volume after a few uses. It made my hair follicles stronger and I noticed a decrease in hair loss too. There isn't much can say about this product, other than it's quite average, but it did make my hair feel and look fuller than it usually does.

Lots of love
Maya xo

Sunday 3 November 2013

Winter Wishlist

I'm finally back at college yay! I was looking forward to seeing everyone again, but the worst news is that I have an end of unit controlled assessment for psychology boohoo :(
Winter is finally arriving :D I love all the seasonal decorations in shops, and have put some up in my house already! We can't forget about Halloween though and the spookiness last Thursday brought ;)
My Winter Wishlist only includes clothes and accessories from Topshop, as the items are quite pricey.
Those items will definitely take place on my letter to Santa!!
All of these items are just so beautiful. I would say my favourite item is the pink boyfriend coat. Look ho gorgeous it is!!
As everyone knows that I have a little brother and sister, I had to take them out Trick or Treating. I decided I was going to dress up so I don't feel left out haha. My sister was a zombie, and my brother was a skeleton, so I thought 'I'm going to be a sugar skull!'. I felt like a little kid again, doing my makeup took me about 20 minutes so it wasn't that bad for my first try! The second time I did my make up was when I was going to an Ice Skating Halloween foam party, (which unfortunately I couldn't go to any more due to a really bad cold) turned out better than my first attempt (yay). Here's a picture of me and my siblings before leaving the house to go Trick or Treating:
To achieve this look I have used face paints, and found a picture on Google Images of a sugar skull. My sister has also used some of my face paints to create the 'hungry zombie' look, and my brother is wearing a mask as he always rubs his face!
And here's a picture my make up the day after Halloween:
I have changed things up a bit and didn't use any face paints. For my eyes I used black gel eye liner, and gold glitter eye shadow. The flowers and stitches on my face are drawn with a black pencil liner. My nose is also drawn with gel eye liner, and my lips are contoured and filled in with red lipstick.
 I don't like the feeling of face paints on my face as they feel very heavy and oily, which is a big no-no for me. it's always good to experiment with different materials.

Hope you had an eventful Halloween this year!

Maya xo

Monday 28 October 2013

Dr. Hobbs Heat Gro Intensive Hair & Scalp Strengthening Therapy Review

Hey guys!
So, I have been out shopping (again) and found some really amazing hair treatment when I was looking for new hair extensions. My hair is naturally very thin and fragile, but because I have been dying it and wearing my hair extensions it became thinner. This has worried me deeply as hair is a big part of everyone's appearance and I can't be dealing with having to cut my hair really short or go bald.
I read the ingredients of the treatment, and instantly thought 'wow I must buy this product, it's 100% natural'.

The packaging: The treatment is in a basic plastic tub and isn't exactly eye-catching. however it looks like something you would buy in a herbal shop, especially by the pot and spatula to mix ingredients, mostly herbs and tablets. The large bold writing draws attention to the packaging and makes you want to read on. As soon as I read that it strengthens hair and helps hair grow faster, I had to turn it around and read the back of it to make sure that the ingredients are natural. Overall, the packaging isn't very exciting and is rather simple.

The application: The application was quite hard to be honest! The texture of the treatment is very thick and gooey, almost like jelly so it was hard to spread it around my whole scalp. However I didn't have to use a lot of it, therefore it will last for a longer period. It says that you should apply it every day for best results, however I decided that I'm going to use it every other day as I don't want to wash my hair too often, because then it will lose its natural oils and make it harder for me to grow it. As soon as the product touches the skin, it automatically warms up. Sometimes it might be a little bit tingly, however I thought it was a nice burning sensation, almost like a sauna face mask, but for hair.

The results: I have used this product a few times now and I noticed that my hair is getting slightly bit thicker, like after using henna, the hair is covered in the product and stays that way for a while. My scalp isn't as flaky any more and I noticed that more hair is growing in places where it has fell out. I am very satisfied with the results so far as I have been using this product in less than a week. I will definitely buy this product again and use it all the time until my hair is stronger and thicker, but just to make sure it stays that way I will use it even then! It is a definite 10/10 and the fact that it cost me less than £10 makes it even better!
I hope this helps and that some of you will try this product out!
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