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Thursday 3 January 2019


Now that I’m out of my writer's block I wanted to bring my blog back to basics and write about what I have always enjoyed but stopped doing - a monthly wishlist. Even though I might not necessarily buy the products I mention, they have definitely made it onto my birthday/Christmas lists on my phone for those who need help with what to get me, or if I want to treat myself I can always go back to that list and pick an item (or two) of what I’d like.

I am currently obsessed with Soap & Glory products because I was given a huge set of their best-selling products for Christmas. I think I was 14 years old when I tried my first S&G product (I believe it was the Hand Food hand cream) and have loved their products ever since. Did you ever go through a phase of wanting every S&G bath product, or was that just me?

One makeup item that I’ve been lusting over for a while is this beautiful liquid lipstick by Jeffree Star in shade ‘Hi, How Are Ya?’ as it is the most beautiful red shade, well, equally as beautiful as my favourite red - Redrum.

Another lost love of mine is collecting Yankee Candles. When we first started getting these in the UK I have bought at least one large candle a month and went through them very quickly. Now I really love to treat myself to a more luxurious candle or one that’s less accessible (Bath and Body Works), but I have recently come across these two scents which sound very lovely. ‘Belgian Waffles’ sounds right up my alley and I really want to get my hands on it as I can imagine it to smell absolutely beautiful. The other one, ‘Strawberry Lemon Ice’, also sounds amazing and fresher than what I usually buy - perfect for Spring this year.

Now, would it really be a Vogue by Maya wishlist if it didn’t include an item of clothing (or three)? Snake print is one of my favourite prints this season so when I saw this gorgeous midi skirt from H&M for only £12.99 I had to include it on my list! This is definitely a staple piece that you’ll need in your wardrobe - get it quick before all the sizes go out of stock!
With Spring just around the corner, I thought I’d include a little cardigan as it will soon be too warm to wear big coats. This particular one caught my eye as I can picture it with so many outfits already, so no wonder it made the list and at only £17.99 it makes the perfect Spring jacket. There seems to be a slight pattern going as the clothes I had picked out are all from H&M but it is one of my favourite high street stores! The last item on my list is the pair of the chunky trainers for £29.99 which are absolutely stunning. I’m not one for trainers usually but these caught my attention as soon as I saw them and maybe have even put them in my H&M basket hehe ;)

What items have been on your wishlist this month?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Friday 22 July 2016

Review || Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lips & My Thoughts On The Drama With Kat Von D

Hey Beauties!

Who doesn't own a Jeffree's Star lipstick yet? Well, you need one in your life because they will change it forever. 

The first shades I bought were Redrum and Breatfast At Tiffany's, which then the family grew bigger as Celebrity Skin joined along with Masochist and Androgyny a few weeks later.

I love the fact that Breakfast At Tiffany's has got the lipstick colour on the sticker, it's so cute and adds a touch of sophistication to the collection. I can't wait to get the new Summer collection shades!

I love the packaging, it's really punk rock with the stars and the bright pink. You can see the colours of the lipsticks too which I find very helpful. I hate having to check every one of my MAC lipsticks to find Velvet Teddy or Whirl - no matter how many times I reorganise the stand.

I absolutely love the formula of these, it's very wet and velvety (sounds weird, I know) but it applies so well. I feel like I only need one layer of the lipstick for the colour to show which is a m a z i n g!
This means it will last you forever, well scratch that - it'll last you longer than majority of liquid lipsticks as you won't need to apply many coats. Also this is very long wearing, I feel like it lasts all day without having to reapply (depending on what shade you're wearing).

T-B: Celebrity Skin, Androgyny, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Masochist and Redrum.

Right, let's get straight to the whole Jeffree, Kat and BJ drama. Have you all seen the posts and videos? I watched them all and read other people's comments to try and figure out what has gone off. Basically, BJ had rung Kat saying that back in the day when Jeffree was setting up his business he asked BJ to design a logo which he did NOT use as he thought BJ was too expensive for him at the time seeing as he invested all his money into his brand so he did not use BJ's artwork therefore did not pay him. Kat then went on and sent a text to Jeffree demanding answers on the whole situation which Jeffree explained in the text. He said he did not use BJ's services therefore did not pay him at the time but he has now so everything was fine between the two - however, Kat maliciously told the Too Faced producers in the warehouse that Jeffree tried to steal her ideas. This, I think is nasty! Why would you say something like that about one of your close friends? Even if it were true, then surely she would have spoken to Jeffree about it first? Seeing as that's what friends do in conflict - they talk things out.

She then went on and bashed him in her video here, saying that he's a racist bully who promotes drug use. I'm sorry, but you cannot judge someone by their past. Jeffree is a completely new person to who he used to be many years ago and he had apologised for his previous behaviour. We all make mistakes and wouldn't want to be judged by them, so why did Kat feel the need to say those things about him? About the drug use - he smokes legal marijuana and doesn't promote it - he's open about his lifestyle and it's beneficial for him as he suffers from anxiety and marijuana helps him fight it. 

At the end of the day, both Kat and Jeffree are amazing entrepreneurs and hold very successful makeup brands, however I am definitely on #TeamJeffree as I believe that Kat should not have spoken out about the situation publically but tried to resolve their issues between the pair.

Do you own any of Jeffree's cosmetics? If so, what do you have or would love to own?! And what are your thoughts on the Kat-Jeffree drama?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Massive High-End Makeup Haul

Good Morning Everyone!

How much do you love hauls? Because I really enjoy reading/watching other peoples hauls, especially high-end ones so I can drool all over everyone's new stuff which will obviously then go on my wishlist!

I have been splurging over a few weeks time so I thought I'll put all the new stuff together and do a big post on my recent buys. Just to clarify, I am not bragging about any of these products and that I can afford them, I work very hard and am very good at my job so I can spend my money on myself. Anyway, let's get to it!

As you can see, I bought a lot of make-up! Many of the products are amazing, some of them I wish I never bought. The total price of these comes up to £372

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks in shades Breakfast at Tiffany's and Redrum. These retail at $18 in America, however, I bought them off a website called for £14 each, which is cheaper than a MAC lipstick and I am over the moon with them! Since taking this picture, I have added another shade to my collection - Celebrity Skin. It is by far my favourite shade.

Illasmaqua Nail Varnish in shade Noble. These are normally £14.50 but I bought it for £3.99 in TKmaxx. Bargain, yess!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue RRP £17, but I had bought it for £6.99 from TKmaxx.

This is by far my favourite fragrance this summer. I've been meaning to buy this perfume since it had come out but I was hesitant with the price as it retails at £50, but I found an amazing deal for this perfume which was only £27 from! I've bought about 5 different fragrances off that website now, and I highly recommend it.

Benefit's new summer collection is amazing. I wanted to cry when it first came one, primarily because I knew I couldn't afford the whole collection. However, I managed to get my hands on Dew The Hoola (£23) which is a liquid bronzer, and Dandelion Shy Beam Liquid Matte Highlighter (£19). On the other hand, the blot stick was in my wishlist for quite some time and at only £15.50 I had to buy it.

In my April Favourites, I mentioned that I love Benefit's travel-sized products and got my hands on the whole collection, and I really did mean it haha. Because the skincare range was not available to buy separately I thought that I'd get the whole set for £18 which means that each product only cost me £3!!! I love Benefit's skincare range. Especially the emulsion and eye cream, I have doubles of them because I'm scared of running out! But I thought that the travel-sized ones will be better for my holiday to Rhodes in less than two weeks time!

These were £5 each, however, I got them on offer at Boots 4 for £15 plus a free make-up bag. If the offer is still on I suggest you drop everything you're doing and get some NOW!

Just look how beautiful this bronzer is... Not like I need any new bronzers, with my trusty Hoola and Make-up Revolution palette I shouldn't be buying any more, however, I feel like this one is perfect for the summer as it has bits of shimmer to it and looks beautiful on tanned skin. Will definitely be taking this with me to Rhodes!

Now, for those who like me are MAC junkies. The two collections I've been loving! I got three lipsticks at £17 each, I got Hot Chocolate from the Tribe collection, and Whirl and Mind Control. I also bought two lip liners for £12.50 each in shades Spice and Whirl (I had lost my other whirl pencil so had to repurchase!). I bought my favourite mascara by MAC which is the False Lash Extreme Black Mascara which is around £18/19, and a paint pot in shade Painterly (£16) as I love their paint pots and have heard lots of good things about this particular one. I had also bought two travel bottles to carry my make-up remover and blush cleanser in during my holiday for £4.50 per set. And moving onto the Tribe collection, I bought a blush in shade Mandarin (£18) and a cream colour base in shade Yellow Topaz (£16).

Last but not least, the Bobbi Brown BB Cream in shade Extra Light (£29.50). I was so disappointed with the service I received at Bobbi Brown and the product was even more disappointing :( I had issued a complaint and thankfully I will get my money back in new products. I would not recommend this BB cream as it looks horrible on, but it might have just been on me as my skin is hard to please.

So, did you enjoy my haul? I certainly enjoy using these products! Have you got any of the products mentioned above? If so, let me know which ones in the comments section down below!

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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