Friday 1 July 2016

2016 || June Favourites

Hi Everyone!

I can't believe that June is over. I only have two months left until I have to go back to uni and I'm not looking forward to it at all :( this means that the next two months will consist of many blog posts and days spent at work trying to get myself out of beauty and fashion debts haha! On the other hand, here are some of the products that I've been loving the past month.

I particularly have been loving those products as they are what I think of when someone says 'holiday products', especially the R Cavalli perfume. I've had my Tangle Teezer for a couple of years now I think and there's not been a day that it let me down. I use it religiously on a daily basis and it's great to use on wet hair, especially once you've come out the pool/sea. The Dandelion Shy Beam is probably my favourite matte highlighter of all time. I only bought it a few months ago, probably within the first week of its release and I've been loving it ever since. I think it looks great on with a matte smokey eye so there isn't too much going on. On the other hand, "That Gal" primer was the very first benefit product I fell in love with 7 years ago when I tried it on. It smells amazing and makes my face feel super soft as well as gives me a natural glow. Last but not least, my trusty MAC Eyeshadow Quad. I bought the Pro Palette separately to the refills so I could make my very own small palette. I think you could really work with it and create many looks with using only 4 shadows. My palette includes the shades: Crystal Avalanche, Beauty Marked, Mythology and Cranberry.

What have you been loving in June?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Massive High-End Makeup Haul

Good Morning Everyone!

How much do you love hauls? Because I really enjoy reading/watching other peoples hauls, especially high-end ones so I can drool all over everyone's new stuff which will obviously then go on my wishlist!

I have been splurging over a few weeks time so I thought I'll put all the new stuff together and do a big post on my recent buys. Just to clarify, I am not bragging about any of these products and that I can afford them, I work very hard and am very good at my job so I can spend my money on myself. Anyway, let's get to it!

As you can see, I bought a lot of make-up! Many of the products are amazing, some of them I wish I never bought. The total price of these comes up to £372

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks in shades Breakfast at Tiffany's and Redrum. These retail at $18 in America, however, I bought them off a website called for £14 each, which is cheaper than a MAC lipstick and I am over the moon with them! Since taking this picture, I have added another shade to my collection - Celebrity Skin. It is by far my favourite shade.

Illasmaqua Nail Varnish in shade Noble. These are normally £14.50 but I bought it for £3.99 in TKmaxx. Bargain, yess!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue RRP £17, but I had bought it for £6.99 from TKmaxx.

This is by far my favourite fragrance this summer. I've been meaning to buy this perfume since it had come out but I was hesitant with the price as it retails at £50, but I found an amazing deal for this perfume which was only £27 from! I've bought about 5 different fragrances off that website now, and I highly recommend it.

Benefit's new summer collection is amazing. I wanted to cry when it first came one, primarily because I knew I couldn't afford the whole collection. However, I managed to get my hands on Dew The Hoola (£23) which is a liquid bronzer, and Dandelion Shy Beam Liquid Matte Highlighter (£19). On the other hand, the blot stick was in my wishlist for quite some time and at only £15.50 I had to buy it.

In my April Favourites, I mentioned that I love Benefit's travel-sized products and got my hands on the whole collection, and I really did mean it haha. Because the skincare range was not available to buy separately I thought that I'd get the whole set for £18 which means that each product only cost me £3!!! I love Benefit's skincare range. Especially the emulsion and eye cream, I have doubles of them because I'm scared of running out! But I thought that the travel-sized ones will be better for my holiday to Rhodes in less than two weeks time!

These were £5 each, however, I got them on offer at Boots 4 for £15 plus a free make-up bag. If the offer is still on I suggest you drop everything you're doing and get some NOW!

Just look how beautiful this bronzer is... Not like I need any new bronzers, with my trusty Hoola and Make-up Revolution palette I shouldn't be buying any more, however, I feel like this one is perfect for the summer as it has bits of shimmer to it and looks beautiful on tanned skin. Will definitely be taking this with me to Rhodes!

Now, for those who like me are MAC junkies. The two collections I've been loving! I got three lipsticks at £17 each, I got Hot Chocolate from the Tribe collection, and Whirl and Mind Control. I also bought two lip liners for £12.50 each in shades Spice and Whirl (I had lost my other whirl pencil so had to repurchase!). I bought my favourite mascara by MAC which is the False Lash Extreme Black Mascara which is around £18/19, and a paint pot in shade Painterly (£16) as I love their paint pots and have heard lots of good things about this particular one. I had also bought two travel bottles to carry my make-up remover and blush cleanser in during my holiday for £4.50 per set. And moving onto the Tribe collection, I bought a blush in shade Mandarin (£18) and a cream colour base in shade Yellow Topaz (£16).

Last but not least, the Bobbi Brown BB Cream in shade Extra Light (£29.50). I was so disappointed with the service I received at Bobbi Brown and the product was even more disappointing :( I had issued a complaint and thankfully I will get my money back in new products. I would not recommend this BB cream as it looks horrible on, but it might have just been on me as my skin is hard to please.

So, did you enjoy my haul? I certainly enjoy using these products! Have you got any of the products mentioned above? If so, let me know which ones in the comments section down below!

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Sunday 19 July 2015

2015 || April Favourites

Hey dolls!
I know it's very late for an April favourites post, but it's better late than never, ay? So this April I've been loving everything summer-like and I cannot wait until my holidays this year! Being so busy revising for my A-levels I've not had much time to spend on shopping which means I also saved up some $$$ but I had to buy something, right?!

First up is the ever so cute Anna&Elsa sippy cup! I got this from Primark fro only £2.50!! I've not put it down since I bought it! I try to drink detox water daily to get rid of all the bad toxins out my system. I usually use filtered water, two ice cubes, two slices of lemon, three slices of cucumber, a handful of fresh mint and sometimes a strawberry to add more flavour. However my favourite has to be just lemon, mint and ice as it's very refreshing.

I've also been loving green tea by Tetley. They offer so many flavours I can't wait to try them all! I especially enjoyed the peach and cherry blossom green tea. Green tea does so many good things to your body - it improves and speeds up your metabolism, gets rid of toxins, gives you energy from natural sources and has a small amount of caffeine to get you through those nasty mondays!

Last but not least, I've been loving Body Shop's fragrance. I have two different scents, one I was gifted for my birthday which is musk scented and isn't my favourite scent to be honest with you as I do not particularly like lavender and such, whereas the other which is my favourite at the moment is called Love, etc...

Stay tuned for more monthly favourites, as I am three months behind!!

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Wednesday 19 March 2014

April Wishlist

Hello lovelies!
Today I wanted to share with you guys a cute little wishlist (I love having money) which includes a few things that I will be definitely purchasing this Spring!
I'm going on a girly holiday to Zante this year and need to start doing my holiday shopping! On my wishlist there are a few things including those three gorgeous swimming costumes.
The bandage black and pink monokini is sooo gorgeous and would look fab on a tanned and toned body! (My goal is to tone up and lose half a stone). Pink is my favourite colour so at least one of my bikinis is going to be pink! 
Then there is the aztec print swimming costume. O M G. It's beautiful and it would complement my curvy figure and make my stomach dissappear! Aztec prints are still very hot this season!
Talking about hot prints, that are so oh-wow right now, I have also chose this high waisted 50s inspired lips print bikini! It's so pink and girly, just what I like! I have never owned a high waisted bikini so this one would be perfect especially as I really love the print too!
My other wishlist is full of perfume. I love perfume. I would really want to get Alien by Thierry Mugler first as I have wanted to buy it for a while now but it's so pricy it would make me bankrupt :(
I love spicy and heavy perfume so I also picked out the Gossip Girl fragrance which is oriental spicy with a hint of vanilla and sandalwood. Perfect for Winter evenings.
Lola by Marc Jacobs has always been one of my favourite scents and it suits every season, especially Spring and Summer. 
Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent is such a sweet fragrance, it smells like a baby born doll! I only discovered it recently as my friend has it, and oh my do I love this scent!!!
Lots of love,
Maya xo

Thursday 26 December 2013

Christmas ☆

Hi all, Merry Christmas!
I've been looking forward to Christmas for a couple of months now as my parents have told me what I'm getting, therefore I'm happy happy happy today! In this post I will include all my Christmas presents (there is quite a lot of photographs). Me and my siblings have make Christmas cookies for Santa and the Reindeers (all called Maya, of course), they turned out so tasty that I can't keep my hands off them!

This is the book I am currently reading. This mug is one of my Christmas presents.
Everyone knows that I'm a big tea person.
Kieran got me this hot chocolate mug. Everyone who knows me well,
knows that I have an obsession with mugs.
What more could you want than miniature Soap&Glory toiletries.
Thank you Becky!
This hand cream is also from Kieran and it smells like chocolate Heaven.
My best friend, Becky knows how much food means to me.
My new best friend, from Kieran.
Mwahahahaha I can't wait to read those. Thanks nana!
The size is just amazing. I love thick books.
Thank you Kieran! More books to add to my collection :)
Mummy knows me well ;)
Thank you so much to my lovely neighbour for getting me these fabulous gloves!
I have waited so long to get my hands on this perfume.
Thank you so so so much Mummy and Daddy!
I can't decide what's better, the fragrance or the bottle?
My first ever onesie, and it has pugs on it!!
Thanks mumma! :*
The zip is a bow though...
Becky know me well ;)
So many mugs!!! Love this one so much, thanks mum!!
This candle smells soooo good! 
Look how pretty it is x
Omnomnom Becky!!!
Thanks mum!
Thank you baby sister x
Favourite sweets from the best boy in the world.
New foundation :))))
I'm definitely going to write a review on this product!
That's it for today guys!
Love, Maya xo

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