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Friday 2 December 2016


Essie Nail Varnish in shade Worth The Wait. OMG, I cannot stress enough about how good Essie nail polishes are! I have quite a big collection of them now and I love every single one of them. I own a lot of nude shades as I'm not allowed to wear any 'unnatural' colours at work (haha I know right...), but this one is a new favourite at the moment. It's a very subtle shade and is more of a Spring shade, however it makes me feel very cute and girly when wearing it, so why not eh?

The MacBook Pro is my newest edition to my life. I needed a new laptop seeing as my old one had broken over a year ago - it was an amazing laptop and very dearly loved. I feel like an utter Apple whore now that I've got their laptop, iPad and iPhone. I absolutely love this laptop, even though it's soooo expensive (I bought the one with Retina display), but I'm glad I had gone ahead with it. There are many good laptops which are cheaper, however I really dislike anything newer than Windows 7, and I'm used to iOS due to having an iPad and iPhone.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Dupe in shade Bow N Arrow. I've wrote a full review of these which you can read here. This shade is very wearable and long-lasting, therefore perfect as an every-day colour!

Sleek Highlighting Palette in shade Cleopatra's Kiss. Oh my, what can I say about this palette?! It's absolutely stunning. Just look at these gorgeous shades, they're perfect for wearing not just on your face, but also as eyeshadows as they're very shiny and have a lot of shimmer. I feel like they're suitable for all skin tones and definitely a must-have.

What have you loved last month? Have you tried any of the products mentioned above?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Monday 31 October 2016


I've been meaning to try Kat Von D's makeup items for a while now and when I hear that AliExpress stocked dupes of them for only £1.12 I had to get some to try them out! I believe the original price of them is £16 in the UK and $20 in the US, which is quite a high price tag so I thought I'd give the dupes a go first!

I chose the shades Lolita, Lolita 2, Bow n Arrow, and Vampira. I didn't expect much for a quid, but oh gosh was I pleasantly surprised when I got my parcel!! The packaging was amazing, it looked very high quality and I was so excited to finally open up the lipsticks!

The scent is incredible! They are vanilla scented, which actually reminded me of the Poundland liquid lipsticks so I believe that the ingredients are very similar, therefore cannot be harmful to your skin. I know that a lot of people get funny about buying fake products, however not everyone can afford to splurge £16 on a lipstick! Especially when you can get practically the same thing for a fraction of the price.

The opacity is great. I only swatched each lipstick once on the back of my hand and the colour pay-off was amazing. It was actually really hard to rub off!
The longevity is also pretty great, I find that it does come off slightly after meals however, you can always touch it up and ta-dah! Still looks great. I believe that the colours are also very similar to the real thing, however I've got nothing to compare the fakes to, but I really do like them a lot.

P.S. - I'm not trying to promote fake makeup, however, this lipstick has worked for me well - all of them have, and I'm pretty happy with my purchase. If you want to buy them, you can find them on the website. However, it is 100% up to you if you want to purchase these products and I would recommend messaging the seller and asking for the ingredients list before purchasing the products!

Have you tried any of the Kat Von D products? Do they look similar to the AliExpress dupes? Have you tried the AliExpress dupes at all?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Friday 22 July 2016

Review || Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lips & My Thoughts On The Drama With Kat Von D

Hey Beauties!

Who doesn't own a Jeffree's Star lipstick yet? Well, you need one in your life because they will change it forever. 

The first shades I bought were Redrum and Breatfast At Tiffany's, which then the family grew bigger as Celebrity Skin joined along with Masochist and Androgyny a few weeks later.

I love the fact that Breakfast At Tiffany's has got the lipstick colour on the sticker, it's so cute and adds a touch of sophistication to the collection. I can't wait to get the new Summer collection shades!

I love the packaging, it's really punk rock with the stars and the bright pink. You can see the colours of the lipsticks too which I find very helpful. I hate having to check every one of my MAC lipsticks to find Velvet Teddy or Whirl - no matter how many times I reorganise the stand.

I absolutely love the formula of these, it's very wet and velvety (sounds weird, I know) but it applies so well. I feel like I only need one layer of the lipstick for the colour to show which is a m a z i n g!
This means it will last you forever, well scratch that - it'll last you longer than majority of liquid lipsticks as you won't need to apply many coats. Also this is very long wearing, I feel like it lasts all day without having to reapply (depending on what shade you're wearing).

T-B: Celebrity Skin, Androgyny, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Masochist and Redrum.

Right, let's get straight to the whole Jeffree, Kat and BJ drama. Have you all seen the posts and videos? I watched them all and read other people's comments to try and figure out what has gone off. Basically, BJ had rung Kat saying that back in the day when Jeffree was setting up his business he asked BJ to design a logo which he did NOT use as he thought BJ was too expensive for him at the time seeing as he invested all his money into his brand so he did not use BJ's artwork therefore did not pay him. Kat then went on and sent a text to Jeffree demanding answers on the whole situation which Jeffree explained in the text. He said he did not use BJ's services therefore did not pay him at the time but he has now so everything was fine between the two - however, Kat maliciously told the Too Faced producers in the warehouse that Jeffree tried to steal her ideas. This, I think is nasty! Why would you say something like that about one of your close friends? Even if it were true, then surely she would have spoken to Jeffree about it first? Seeing as that's what friends do in conflict - they talk things out.

She then went on and bashed him in her video here, saying that he's a racist bully who promotes drug use. I'm sorry, but you cannot judge someone by their past. Jeffree is a completely new person to who he used to be many years ago and he had apologised for his previous behaviour. We all make mistakes and wouldn't want to be judged by them, so why did Kat feel the need to say those things about him? About the drug use - he smokes legal marijuana and doesn't promote it - he's open about his lifestyle and it's beneficial for him as he suffers from anxiety and marijuana helps him fight it. 

At the end of the day, both Kat and Jeffree are amazing entrepreneurs and hold very successful makeup brands, however I am definitely on #TeamJeffree as I believe that Kat should not have spoken out about the situation publically but tried to resolve their issues between the pair.

Do you own any of Jeffree's cosmetics? If so, what do you have or would love to own?! And what are your thoughts on the Kat-Jeffree drama?

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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