Thursday 23 March 2017


Last month I attended a press event hosted by Gemini Marketing in Nottingham which was a cheeky preview of what's hot in SS17 before the fashion show in Nottingham on the 25th March.

I was greeted with the most beautiful glitter bomb cocktail, oh my, I was in heaven. There was also lots of tasty snacks varying from cupcakes to MOD pizza (my new favourite pizza place). The staff at the Beauty Temple were very lovely and welcoming, and I got complimented on my outfit and makeup (yes, get in haha!!).

The mini show was presented by two lovely ladies (forgive me for forgetting their names) who looked amazing in their outfits! I actually bought the same top one of them was wearing - thanks for the inspo! The two models - Jamie and Ryan rocked the SS17 looks.

*the micro bag is my new favourite statement piece - but will our huge phones even fit in?!

So, what are the hot trends for this year? I'm so excited that it is officially Spring so I can use it as an excuse to buy loads more clothes hehe...

Back to the Fuchsia - definitely one of my favourite trends as I love bright pink colours - I know for a fact that my mum is gona go crazy over this trend and wear pink head to toe as she owes so many gorgeous fuchsia pieces!

Born in the 80's - say yes to Madonna Rock 'n' Roll leather trousers and cowboy boots! This S/S is all about shoulder pads, ruffles and neon - yes, yes, YES!!

Statement Sportswear - probably the most comfy of all of the trends! I'm looking forward to styling
up plain joggers with some fishnets tights and cropped jumpers.

Twisted Tailoring - who doesn't love a funky detail to their outfits? Like one of those 'half and half' jumpers you can buy in Topshop. If you don't want to splurge on a new outfit but make it look very trendy then put on an old checked shirt (Gingham is very in atm) and pin it up wonky - this was our biggest nightmare a few years back but it's now turned into a trend!

Check-Mate - like I mentioned above, gingham is very much in and I couldn't be happier. I saw a gorgeous checked dress in Primark and I wish I bought it! Now I'm gona have to go back and try it on to see if I can pull it off haha!!

Spring-Bling - if you're very much into sequins and sparkles then this is perfect for you. I love glitter, I would bathe myself in it if I could so this is a great opportunity to add some bling into your wardrobe.

We were all spoilt by the organisers of the event (thank you so much Gemini!). In my goodie bag I received a bottle of Orangina with a cute paper straw, a free pizza voucher from MOD pizza (yum yum, a full restaurant review will be up soon!), some perfume samples, a front row seat ticket to the Nottingham Fashion Show, a magazine and some other bits and bobs!

I'm very excited for the fashion show, I will take many snapchats and insta stories so be sure to follow me on those: @missmayasx 

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Sunday 12 March 2017


My skin has been really dry the past few weeks and I don't know what products to use to get rid of the dryness :( It seems like my trusty Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion just wasn't working and it usually does, so when I came across Wikaniko and got kindly sent a bottle of their Moringa Oil to try out, I was very happy!

With the oil, I also received a detailed note of how the oil works and what it's good for - now there's a company that's passionate about their customers and company! The note also includes different types of how Moringa can be consumed (such as powder to add to meals). I learnt that it is important on where you buy Moringa from, as some countries that grow it can also pollute the plants with lots of nasties - some people have actually stated that they bought products containing dead insects and cigarette ends!!! Wikaniko produces their own Moringa on their farm in Spain, so they practise what they preach and take special care of the plants.

The different types of Moringa products include powder (perfect as a superfood added to smoothies), this cannot be heated over 47C as it will lose its beneficial vitamins and minerals, it also comes in a form of capsules for those who do not like the taste, and last but not least it comes as an oil which is labelled the "best natural age-defying oil in the world". It is now being used in cosmetics due to its anti-ageing properties - if you don't want to use the oil directly to your skin you can mix a few drops with your moisturiser. It's supposed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne, fine lines etc - erm hello?!?! Take all my money haha!!!

Since I started using this product I've noticed a massive change in my skin; it feels much smoother and plump than usually. I still have dry patches under my eyes but this could be due to exfoliation, but it is very soothing so I like to wear it before going to bed as I let it soak in overnight and wake up with beautiful and glowing skin.

I would definitely recommend this product to all who suffer from any skin imperfections, especially those with ageing skin - I know for a fact that my mum would be very interested in this product! Mother's Day gift perhaps? Either way, I've only been using this product for a week and I have noticed a huge difference to my skin in how it looks and feels. A definite 10/10 ladies and gents!

Good news everyone!! - I have a 10% off code for you: MOR10 - use it to save some pennies! :)

Have you got a holy grail skincare product? Would you try this Moringa oil?

*This post contains PR samples, however, it is 100% my own opinion.

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Saturday 11 March 2017


Recently I came across the brand Prestige Flowers and I instantly fell in love. I'm a huge fan of gorgeous bouquets and with Kieran being a big believer of buying practical gifts and avoiding buying me flowers that will die quickly, I knew I wanted to treat myself ha ha. I was kindly sent this beautiful bouquet by Micheal from the Prestige Flowers team and I couldn't be happier with it.

The flowers arrived two days after me sending out my details which is amazing bearing in mind these are hand decorated by highly qualified florists in Britain. The delivery service also offers deliveries to EVERYWHERE in the UK, how amazing is that?! So if there's someone who is very important to you and you feel like treating them to something sentimental, then you found the place to turn to!

Along with my order, I had received a cute note from Micheal. Little things like this can really make someone feel amazing! I had a really shitty week then, and receiving these had really cheered me up tons. That's why I believe that this is an amazing gift for upcoming Mother's Day. Prestige Flowers has specially created new bouquets which are absolutely beautiful, there's plenty to choose from and majority are on offer! I believe that you can also receive 10% off on your first purchase which is just a right bargain! I know which direction to point my dad to for some ;)

Along with your purchase, you also receive a Flower Care Guide which will direct you on how to make the most out of your flowers - ha eat your heart out Kieran! These do last ha ha ;) I've currently had these for a week and have followed the care guide carefully, exchanging the water every (other) day and trimming the stems so they absorb lots of water and remain beautiful.

Overall, I would rate these 10/10 for quality, price and life span because they really are beautiful and last a while. I know for a fact that I will keep these for at least 4 more days because they still look as good as new and the Stargazer Lilies have started to open up which has made my room smell a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!!

What will you be buying your Mum this Mother's Day? What do you think about Prestige Flowers?

*This post contains PR samples, and no affiliate links. 100% my opinion.

Lots of love,
Maya xo 

Sunday 12 February 2017


Whenever I wear heels for a long amount of time and my feet start to hurt I get really moody. This can actually ruin my day and make me want to come home early just so I can take my heels off. I will then be put off wearing them for ages and the same thing will happen over and over again.

About Sticky Heelz:

"Sticky Heelz was developed to address the issue of loose fitting shoes.  With around 60% of the population having different sized feet and around 33% with narrow feet, it would be impossible for any shoe manufacturer to make shoes the exact fit for everybody.  They can address the issue by providing half shoe sizes but these are limited to certain brands and styles.  We hear from so many frustrated customers  about how existing products do not address the issue of shoes not fitting correctly, so they just avoid purchasing certain styles of shoes.   But with Sticky Heelz you can love your shoes again! As our unique two part product uses a shoe pad and heel pad that connect to secure the foot inside the shoe." - source

When I came across the brand Sticky Heelz I thought 'hey let's give these a go' and see whether they will change my mind about wearing heels daily. I was kindly sent a packet to try out which I'm grateful for as these turned out to be one of my holy grail products!

I feel that the suction strength is very decent and the pads stay put all day/night. I recently bought some heeled boots (pictured above) and as beautiful as they are, I found them slightly difficult to wear. After applying Sticky Heelz I decided to go ahead and wear these boots all day for uni, and I was not disappointed at all. I came home and I honestly wanted to keep my shoes on - mainly because they look great on - but also because I did not feel pressure on my feet at all.

I highly recommend this product to all who love wearing heels but can't deal with the discomfort and pain of them! You can buy them here for £6.99, but hurry and check out the website for some amazing Valentine's Day offers!

*This post contains PR samples.

How do you cope with the discomfort of wearing heels? Have you tried Sticky Heelz before?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Monday 14 November 2016


Who doesn't want perfect and plump skin? Being in my 20's for quite some time now has taught me that looking after my skin is the most important thing as it will be very important in the future. I suffered from acne for around 7-8 years and due to taking all sorts of medications to stop it, my skin has suffered a lot. I have scars and dimples all over my face, she loose skin and wrinkles. It makes me very self-conscious about my looks, therefore I tend to wear makeup every single day.

When I recently came across Regime London I was sceptical about it at first as I didn't believe that supplements could ever work this way without any surgeries, however, I must say I was very surprised to see amazing changed to my skin.

About Regime London: "Regime London is a premium range of nutricosmetics designed to provide a deeper level of beauty care and support, helping to bring the 'inner you' to the surface. Whereas outer cosmetics can be used to target certain areas and enhance specific features, the Regime Nutricosmetics range can provide a genuine and longer-lasting impact by focusing on the interior building blocks responsible for the outward health and appearance of the entire body"

My skin felt so much tighter and more nourished than ever, and that's only two weeks into taking the supplements. The tablets aren't too big and because they're coated, they're easier to swallow as you can't taste them. However, as most supplements take months to start working, these results could have been due to my skincare. I would like to have been able to test this product out for a longer period of time to see if I could get the best results possible, but maybe another time!

Regime London have sent me this product to review, but like always this is 100% my own opinion. This product is fantastic and has worked wonders on my skin.

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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