Sunday 22 February 2015

MAC Lipstick Giveaway

Hey lovelies,
I am so sick and tired of college, revising for my A-levels and preparing to go uni this year. I wish I could go on holiday abroad with my younger sister for at least 2 months :/ But I do have one holiday to look forward to! I am going to Crete in August for two weeks with my family eek! I am also planning on going to Barcelona or Turkey with my boyfriend this year. I love to travel, it is my most favourite thing to do in my spare time. All I need to do is put away some pennies and set the date! My other favourite thing to do to lift my mood is buy new make-up, especially when it's MAC. I have 7 MAC lipsticks so far and I won't stop until I have the whole lot. Which one is your favourite? My favourite at the moment is Viva Glam Miley but it changes weekly as I don't like to wear the same colour too often. I do need a new nude lippy so I am looking forward to Cinderella edition to come out this May! So, I have decided to do this giveaway for you guys, no matter if you're sitting your exams soon or are stressed out from uni work etc. But to cheer you up. This giveaway will be for 3 months until May exams and I will reveal the winner on the 1st of May so it can be shipped and delivered to you before your exams begin. You will be able to choose what shade and finish you would like ( if you want to wait for Cinderella's lipstick to come out, let me know and I will send you that one). I am hoping to gain more followers from this and ensure that exams don't stress you out too much!
l-r - Viva Glam Lady Gaga, Viva Glam Miley Cyrus, Rebel, Up The Amp, Rose Lily, Flamingo, Brave.

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Lots of love,
Maya xo

Wednesday 8 October 2014

The Big October Giveaway

Good Evening Honey Bees,
As the weather is getting harsher you need to take care of your hair more and make sure it is wind proof and silky smooth at all times. And this is why I decided that I will treat you guys to a few favourites of mine this month. Altogether the products are worth over £100. I don't remember individual prices but I know that it comes up to £100 something!
As you can see, there are 5 different products for you to win. They are all professional products used by hair dressers in posh salons to restore the hairs natural strength and oils.
This is an amino cell rebuild heat protection cream for coloured hair. I personally love this product and think it makes my hair very soft when styling it with a hair dryer or straighteners. It restores the hairs natural strength and makes it somehow thicker. how about I will let you try this out for yourself?

This is an another product by Schwarzkopf Bonacure which rebuilds amino cells. It's a leave-in spray conditioner which moisturises hair and leaves it hydrated for a whole day.

This is a product by Wella ProSeries and is specifically designed to make your hair bouncy and big with a lightweight feel. It's perfect for this weather as it won't weight down your hair, even when you're wearing a hat - you will still look fabulous as per usual.

I usually use this product on nights out so my hair stays put in one place instead of going everywhere when I'm dancing. It repairs damaged hair such as making it softer, thicker and stronger with its special formula.

This straightening cream is great for frizzy and out-of-control hair which needs extra maintenance. It's designed for curly hair, however I use it on my wavy hair to make it stay straight for longer. It really is great when it comes out to getting frizz out of your hair.
So guys, now it's up to you to win this. I will give you until the 31st October to try and enter for this giveaway as much as you can.

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Lots of love and good luck!
Maya xo
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