Sunday, 5 October 2014

Mini MAC Haul

Hey Lovelies!
It's been a while since I last posted as I am stuck at home with so much work to do for college it's unreal! On top of that I have been ill for over a month now! :( nothing seems to be helping me :/
Anyway, I wanted to keep you guys updated with my mini MAC haul and what I got last time I went in to the Nottingham store.
I re-purchased a foundation in the first time in my life, and it just had to be Studio Fix Fluid. This time I got it in shade NW10 because it came out not long ago and it is perfect for my skin colour as NW15 was waaaay too dark. I also bought my mum the Studio Fix Fluid as a treat for her Birthday, she was matched with NW20 which is also perfect for her skin colour.
I also took advantage of Back to MAC and exchanged 12 empties for two gorgeous lipsticks! I've always loved a dark lip so I grabbed Rebel, a gorgeous dark plum shade which is perfect for AW.
My mum chose the shade Flamingo for me as I was stuck with my second choice. It is a lovely coral lipstick and looks great with light smokey eyes.
Ever since I discovered MAC, my motto became 'Once you go MAC, you never go back!'. What MAC products do you guys have and love the most? Any ideas for my next shopping trip?
Lots of love,
Maya xo

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