Wednesday 9 March 2016

2016 || February Favourites

Good Morning Everybody!

I hope your week hasn't been too bad and that you're enjoying the second week of March! It's Easter soon! I can't wait to receive lots of chocolate eggs! Hehehe ;)

Today I will share with you my February favourites - there isn't a lot of them and they're all from one shop, but they are oh so exciting!

So as you can see I have loved Stila's Lipgloss and One Step Illuminating Bronzer, as well as Oscar De La Renta's sunglasses - the cases I was given were the only ones they had left at TKMaxx, but I'm not complaining as they are genuine Valentino cases and they are super soft!

The sunnies were only a whooping £14.99 each!! What a bargain!! They were both reduced from £100+, whereas the make-up items were below £5 each. I think I've fallen in love with the shop!

I would definitely recommend any of Stila's makeup products as I've never been disappointed with any of the ones that I own - and trust me when I say that I do have a big collection! 

What have you been loving this February? Have you shopped at TKMaxx before?

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Monday 10 November 2014

Review || NKD SKN Fake Tan Mousse in Medium

Hello everyone!
I know it's been a while since my last post, but I have been so caught up with all my college work that I've had no time to blog! Sob, sob. As you all know, I conveyed my first ever give away and the winner will be revealed at the bottom of this post so tune up! However, in today's post I wanted to talk about a new range of fake tan which I have come across recently.

NKD SKN by Vita Liberata is the new St Tropez. It is one of the best fake tans I have come across since my fake tanning days, and I highly recommend it to all of my readers.
I have actually received this product free of charge to review which has made not only my day, but my whole week a whole lot better! While I waited for the product to arrive, I've been exfoliating a whole lot more than I usually do in order to get the perfect smooth skin as it would make the tan application much easier than without exfoliation.
It is a mousse and it comes out through the pump in the bottle. You need to make sure that you shake the bottle well before applying the product onto the mitt and then apply to clean dry skin in circular motions in order to apply the product evenly.
The texture is very much like the St Tropez and St Moriz fake tans and is very easy to apply as it is extra smooth and absorbs into the skin very quickly. It is fragrance-free therefore lacks the nasty 'I just used fake tan' smell which makes it much more practical if you want to use a bit of a natural glow before going out without having to shower straight after application to eliminate the smell.
Overall, the effect isn't the best when you've had a shower after wearing the tan for a whole day, however it develops after you've showered overnight.Weird, right? I applied this tan on the day of my night out and washed it off after a good few hours, to then go straight back to pale white. I was very disappointed as I thought it wasn't going to give me a nice glow at all and I've been looking forward to having a nice natural looking tan on my girly night out, to then realise that the tan developed while I was out with my friends?! I woke up the next day looking browner than ever!!

Good news guys - I have been given a promotional code for all of my readers to get 45% off their first purchase at NKD SKN and the code is: VOGUE45. The code is valid until November 19th!! Enjoy!!!!

I highly recommend this product for people with pale skin like me as it works wonders and doesn't streak at all if applied correctly. I will add some more pictures in one of my future posts which will include the OOTD of my night out, so stay tuned!

I would also like to say a big Thank You to Vita Liberata for sending me this fantastic product! - I will definitely purchase your products when I run out of this one!!!

I would also like to announce that the winner of the Big October Giveaway is Natalie L. and the products are on their way to the lovely winner :) Please stay tuned for my future giveaways as I should be doing one very soon!!!

Lots of love,
Maya xo
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