Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Review || Clipper Fruit Infusions Teas

Hey lovelies!
I am a massive tea freak, and when I found those two boxes of Clipper's tea on offer at Tesco for 37p each I picked up a few boxes! The flavours I chose were Cranberry&Raspberry Organic Infusions and Apple&Elderflower Organic Infusions. The packaging itself is magical, it is very funky and colourful which suits the brand itself as they like to mix up different flavours together even if it's something you wouldn't usually go for - they always get it just right.
 This is what the teabag looked like when I took it out the box. This is the Cranberry&Raspberry flavoured one and as you can see it has little fruits drawn on the wrapper. All teabags are individually wrapped as to keep in the scent and flavour locked inside rather than it evaporating into thin air. It is also helpful if you want to take it to work with you rather than having to bring the whole box and making sure your colleagues don't try and steal it!
 So this is what the teabag looks like out the wrapper. You can see the tea granules/leafs and also the small pieces of fruit. It smelled immense as soon as I opened the wrapper.
The hot water turned a dark red colour as soon as I dipped the teabag in. The smell was overwhelming it was so fruity. This tea tasted lovely and has become one of my favourites by the brand.

 This is the packaging of the Apple&Elderflower tea and it looks just as cute as the other one. You can see the cute apples and elderflowers on the wrapper so you can always distinguish which flavour of tea it is if you mix the different ones in a tin.
 This tea smelled like Spring - it was full of florals and Granny Apples. It was just too good to be true, and I was right...
It might look delicious but wasn't what I hoped for at all. It tasted a bit nutty and had a hint of cinnamon which I don't like in teas. Maybe it would have tasted better cold or with some fresh mint. Either way I will try and mix the two teas together and see what it would taste like then!

Have you tried Clipper Teas before? Click here to view their products.

Lots of love,
Maya xo

Friday, 18 April 2014

Healthy Diet Plan

Hello everyone!
Oh dear, I really do need to get into a routine of posting more on my blog! I recently decided to go on a diet, as I have got slightly bit rounder since I started my new job at Dominos Pizza (I can't resist a free pizza). I drastically cut down on fast food, such as Mcdonalds, Dominos, Chinese take away etc. I also stopped snacking, not altogether of course! I stopped eating excessive amounts of chocolate, sweets and crisps and replaced those fatty foods with fresh fruit and low calorie snacks. 
I decided to drink at least two smoothies a week, which are full of vitamins and minerals that will make my skin and hair much better. I thought I will take some pictures to add to this post of the last smoothie I made.
I used seedless grapes, two bananas, two kiwis (I added another one after I took this photo) and a Frugo juice. I regret not peeling the grapes as the skin did not blend in the mixer :(
I chopped the fruit and put it in the smoothie mixer. After they blended quite well I added the juice and some extra water for it to be smooth and runny instead of really thick.
And the results were amazing. This smoothie was very different to what I usually stick to, but it was a nice change and I will be definitely making this again :)
After my morning smoothie I thought I'd make a healthy lunch. I heated up canned tomato soup and added some spices to make it less sweet. I sliced a wholegrain bagel in half, and voilla! Lunch = sorted. :)
Lots of love,
Maya xo
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