Friday 18 April 2014

Healthy Diet Plan

Hello everyone!
Oh dear, I really do need to get into a routine of posting more on my blog! I recently decided to go on a diet, as I have got slightly bit rounder since I started my new job at Dominos Pizza (I can't resist a free pizza). I drastically cut down on fast food, such as Mcdonalds, Dominos, Chinese take away etc. I also stopped snacking, not altogether of course! I stopped eating excessive amounts of chocolate, sweets and crisps and replaced those fatty foods with fresh fruit and low calorie snacks. 
I decided to drink at least two smoothies a week, which are full of vitamins and minerals that will make my skin and hair much better. I thought I will take some pictures to add to this post of the last smoothie I made.
I used seedless grapes, two bananas, two kiwis (I added another one after I took this photo) and a Frugo juice. I regret not peeling the grapes as the skin did not blend in the mixer :(
I chopped the fruit and put it in the smoothie mixer. After they blended quite well I added the juice and some extra water for it to be smooth and runny instead of really thick.
And the results were amazing. This smoothie was very different to what I usually stick to, but it was a nice change and I will be definitely making this again :)
After my morning smoothie I thought I'd make a healthy lunch. I heated up canned tomato soup and added some spices to make it less sweet. I sliced a wholegrain bagel in half, and voilla! Lunch = sorted. :)
Lots of love,
Maya xo

Sunday 17 November 2013

Dr. Hobbs Severely Damaged Thin Hair Medicine Review

Hey guys!
As you all already know, my hair is very thin and fragile due to being over-dyed and bleached. I have recently become a big fan of Dr. Hobbs' hair treatment products and you can read one of my other reviews of their products here.
This time I have picked up a hair mask which I can use in the shower and don't have to keep it on for long.

The packaging: The packaging is very plain and simple. The tub is plastic and holds a lot of the product inside it. The instructions on the packaging are very clear and give an outlook of what your hair is going to gain. The ingredients are carefully described in case someone was allergic to one of them. The packaging isn't very attractive, however it has this vintage look to it which I really approve of!

The application: The application of the product was very easy as the texture of the mask is very silky and watery. It's very easy to apply, especially on wet hair. I do have to use a fair amount of the product every time I use it, so it's not long lasting and will probably have to buy a tub every month if I decide to carry on with the treatment (which I definitely will). 

The results: It made my hair a little bit dry but it looked a lot thicker with more volume after a few uses. It made my hair follicles stronger and I noticed a decrease in hair loss too. There isn't much can say about this product, other than it's quite average, but it did make my hair feel and look fuller than it usually does.

Lots of love
Maya xo

Sunday 29 September 2013

New news :)

Hello again!
As I promised, I'm going to post more pics of my recent purchases.
Pink camisole - Tesco
Flowery leggings - Topshop
Coral frilly socks - Primark
Gold pendant - New Look
JD jumper - Charity shop
Lacy crop top - Primark
Lacy leotard - Primark
Fuschia frilly socks - Primark
Hair extensions - Sleek
Silver hair dye - Joico
Bracelet - River Island
Assorted candles - Yankee
Unicorn slippers - Primark
Assorted DVDs + CDs
Well, those are my most recent purchases! See you soon my lovelies! :* ♡


Hello Fabulous!
I'm so naughty, haven't been posting much lately AGAIN!
I've just been so busy with college, seeing as I decided to choose different subjects to what I did last year so now I have to catch up with all the work, boohoo! :(
I will try and post as much as possible now, I realised that blogging also takes time as much as revision does -_-
Well, today I have made a collage of my new purchases, there's not a lot because for some odd reason my silly phone won't let me send pics to my laptop :S, so I will include the rest of the pics in another post via my phone. Hope this month at school/college/uni has gone as fast as mine has! There's just so much work to do nowadays, and I always finish doing my hw and revision around 7-8 so I barely have any time for myself therefore less time for blogging :(
Anyway, these are my new purchases:
Creepers, fur coat, tartan socks, books, shloer, American goodies, and some new DVD's.
I have bought many more things since then so watch out for my next post!
Mwahh :*
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